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Bicycles for Students in India

Le Ly visited India in 2014, as a part of her 15 day pilgrimage, and she learned that even a modest amount of funds can go a long way in these poor villages. The pilgrims follow the footsteps of the Buddha—or “Prince Siddhartha Gautama”—from where he passed at age 80 back in 483 BCE, in the provinces of Kushinagar, to where he was born in 563 BCE at Lumbini, Sharkya Republic. 

Le Ly’s trip in India was harsh, and it was heart-wrenching to see how much help the people need. The country she went through was very poor. The children wanted to go to school, but the long distances prevented them from being able to do so. To help them with their transportation to and from school, the Global Village Foundation did our part by donating 100 bicycles to the local community in 2020. There are many villages that need support, and our efforts seem like a drop of water in the vast ocean of need, but together, we can make some of their lives easier by providing them with some tools. When children have access to education, there’s hope for the future.

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