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GVF launches new Apprenticeship program

As a way to help develop and nurture the next generation of humanitarians, Ms. Hayslip has opened up her office to include the “GVF Apprenticeship Program” in San Diego, California, the birthplace of her life mission and purpose as a philanthropist 35 years ago. Influenced by her journey back to Vietnam in 1986, she invites you to join her and GVF as an apprentice to help develop the right strategies to pursue your dream and vision to make a difference and give back to humanity, locally and globally, via philanthropic and humanitarian services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling abroad to remote areas has been challenging. Therefore, as an effort to continue our mission of uplifting humanity in both quality of life and spiritual well-being, GVF launches this apprenticeship program – this will be our main operation until international travel opens up again. A project personal to Le Ly herself, she explains her decision to launch the apprenticeship:

I am just an ordinary person. A third-grade education, a house-cleaning lady, and a single mom. Yet, I can do extraordinary things. So can you. Let’s work together.

Le Ly Hayslip

Mission of the GVF Apprenticeship Program

The GVF Apprenticeship Program seeks to develop leadership skills in non-profit NGO work in local or international youth. The program stimulates the brainstorming and development of short-term or long-term projects focused on uplifting the lives of impoverished and disadvantaged people by using an approach of compassion, love, and wisdom. You will be joining a network of philanthropists who serve those who are less fortunate, regardless of nationality, culture, or creed. In addition, your host, Le Ly Hayslip, will share her experiences in humanitarian work that have touched the lives and souls of tens of thousands of people all over Asia and impart her knowledge on how to make a positive impact for those in need.


In the GVF Apprenticeship Program, Ms. Hayslip will provide you with the perspective of positive thinking and thankfulness. Le Ly shows her appreciation of her lifetime achievements and experiences through her foundation’s humanitarian works. In return for her donors and volunteers’ kindness, Ms. Hayslip expresses her deepest gratitude and provides you with her wisdom and acknowledged advice and guidance on a diverse range of social issues. Once a war victim in poor Vietnam, and with cross-cultural experience moving to the US in 1970, Le Ly founded two successful non-profit organizations to aid her homeland, driving the construction of primary schools, orphanages, local health clinics and medical facilities, village markets, bridges, and roads. Additional projects include disaster relief during floods and cultural exchanges with international student organizations and universities.

Le Ly with a crew of volunteers that she mentored

The Apprenticeship Program is a 3-month residency at the GVF headquarters in San Diego, California. Participants will:

  • Assist in managing day-to-day operations at GVF
  • Brainstorm ideas for humanitarian projects and funding
  • Discuss project ideations and planning with course-mates help spur your project to fruition
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from Le Ly, who has 40+ years of hands-on experience

At the completion of the apprenticeship program, participants will have a clear vision, an actionable plan, and practical skills to carry out and carry on the projects that they envision.

Early morning views from GVF’s headquarters in San Diego, CA, where you will stay. Film credit: Kirk Kellerhals

During your time at this “House of Peace”, participants will interact with like-minded individuals, enjoy the scenic views and surroundings, and learn how to become social leaders from all walks of life and racial backgrounds. Participants will learn about cooking healthy Asian food, tending an organic herb garden, doing yoga, meditating, writing, painting, enjoying music, preparing fresh and healthy vegetarian meals, and much more!


For more information and to register, please send your resume/CV and a Cover Letter to Le Ly Hayslip at:

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