Global Village Foundation

 Uplifting Through Service

Our Mission

Many areas of rural Vietnam still lack essential health services and educational opportunities provided in the larger city areas. Global Village Foundation is dedicated to uplifting the people of rural Vietnam and Southeast Asia through self-sustaining programs in education, healthcare, cultural preservation, and disaster relief, as well as the construction of schools and homes in impoverished regions.

Willing to give back,


Innovative in Action,


Confident with Courage.


Le Ly’s Kids of Village of Hope Orphanage, Da Nang, Vietnam set the mark for young women’s inspiration in Viet Nam and around the world. To celebrate Women History Month and the International Women’s Day this year, we would like to thank the matriarch of our Global Village Foundation family. For more than 30 years, Le Ly Hayslip has devoted her energy and time uplifting disadvantaged children and aided them to become the next generation contributors in all industries. “Chúng con yêu thương cô và cảm ơn cô vì tất cả những gì cô đã làm và tiếp tục làm!”