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What We Do

The Global Village Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, and founded in 1999 by author and humanitarian Le Ly Hayslip. Our mission is to uplift the people of rural Vietnam and Southeast Asia through programs in education, healthcare, and cultural preservation, as well as the construction of schools and homes in impoverished regions.


As volunteers working through hands-on engagement at the grassroots level, we provide education to both local and international recipients, encouraging literacy and supporting regional arts and culture.


GVF has a long and fruitful history of partnerships with several international organizations, universities, and student groups. These partnerships have resulted in cultural exchanges and critical assistance to the people of Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and other countries. 

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The Global Village Foundation provides major support to the Village of Hope orphanage in Da Nang, Vietnam, a program we have been funding for more than fifteen years. We provide English classes, vocational training, and soft skill training to improve children's chances of a bright and successful future.


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At the Village of Hope 40% of the children have serious hearing loss, Some of the children have a loss that can be corrected with excellent quality hearing aids. The  aids help communication and as a result make a substantial difference for the child's learning, emotional status, and comprehension.
We wish to provide hearing aids t all the qualified children  to ensure they thrive in their personal development.

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