About our Volunteer Program

Over the past 35 years, GVF has hosted dozens of groups from various Universities and organizations all over the world, including Singapore, Thailand, Japan, USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Often inspired by a guest lecture at a University by Ms. Hayslip, many student groups and organizations form long-lasting partnerships and friendships with GVF. Our partners have included several international Rotary Clubs, Peace Boat of Japan, Singapore Management University, Temasek Polytechnic Singapore, and Raffles Institute Singapore, among others.

Service Learning

GVF has also hosted several international High School and University student programs as well as private groups of adventurous travelers and generous volunteers in a process of “Service Learning” in Vietnam. Service Learning is an educational approach where a student learns new content in the classroom and then volunteers with an agency (usually a non-profit or social service group) to engage in hands-on and reflection activities, further deepening their understanding of what is being taught. Service Learning often immerses both the volunteers and the recipients in an extended “village stay” at villager’s houses where the experience is taking place. This allows both our volunteers and the local population to benefit from in-person connections and cultural exchanges on a human level.

Examples of our successful Service Learning program include:

  • Fundraising and construction of houses and schools
  • Fundraising and implementing Mobile Library Workshops to promote literacy and access to reading material in rural areas
  • Structural and cosmetic improvements of existing schools and health clinics, such as school murals and new playground equipment
  • English workshops for the local students and teachers
  • Students designing, fundraising, and constructing the 5 Centers for the Blind, which includes a self-sustaining massage business to generate income for all of its members

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GVF is always seeking contributions in order to help make our vision of supporting those in need a reality. No matter the project, any contribution amount, large or small, truly does make an impact, and we sincerely appreciate your support for our humanitarian cause.