Global Village Foundation hosts student youth groups and international organizations, along with adventurous and generous travelers for volunteer Service Learning and cultural exchange since 2002.

Past groups have included Singapore Management University (SMU), Temasek Polytechnic, Raffles Institution, Peace Boat Japan, and Rotary Club of Hiroshima, among others. Projects have included designing, fundraising and constructing a Center for the Blind massage business, painting murals on Kindergarten schools, and joining in our Mobile Library Workshops to interact with the local children and teachers.

Past groups have included Singapore Management University (SMU), Temasek  Polytechnic, Raffles Institution, Peace Boat Japan, and Rotary Club of Hiroshima, Canada, UK among others across the US.

 Projects have included designing, fundraising and constructing Centers for the Blind, massage businesses, painting school murals, and joining in our Mobile Library Workshops and teaching English and interacting with the local children, villagers, teachers and authorities in Vietnam. 

Due to travelling difficulties caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic, Global Village Foundation has changed its court and purpose: to bridge the cultural and living legacy of our founder Le Ly Hayslip, who has dedicated her life to writing, lecturing, training, and rebuilding her motherland since 1988 through her two philanthropic and humanitarian services organizations for fellow brothers and sisters in the universal family of mankind. 


Hayslip invites you to join her at the Global Village Foundation Headquarter. This apprenticeship program is a coming together of high-minded group of people. Specifically, those who want to change the world for a better place by becoming a good philanthropic and humanitarian volunteer for humanity. In the apprenticeship, Hayslip will provide you with her 70 years of life experience in both cultures, and her 40 years of achievements with the objective of providing consultancy on a diverse range of social issues, specialized hands-on knowledge, and her best comprehension of both Eastern and Western wisdom. Participants network with others, specialize in advisory, ideation, creating, and manifesting their visions of a new better world to other deep thinkers, profound intellectuals, and passionate people.

GVF apprenticeship will train locally, nationally, and internationally to become the best leaders and perform the best service for humankind. Long or short term in development projects to uplift the lives of the impoverished and disadvantaged of mankind through compassion, wisdom East & West. To activate networking and serve others who are less fortunate and needy regardless of the country, culture, or creed. In addition, your host, Le Ly Hayslip will share her 40 years of hands-on experience in humanitarian relief work that has touched the lives and hearts of tens of thousands of people in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with imparting her knowledge about how to make a positive impact for those in need. 

(Photos of Le Ly doing workshop, training, and working with volunteers)

I am an ordinary person and can do extraordinary things. So can you!

Le Ly Hayslip

During the Pilgrimage at the “House of Peace”, you will play, enjoy the views, relax, and learn about how to become social leaders from all walks of life and racial backgrounds. You will interact with Hayslip while cooking healthy Asian food, working on an organic herb garden, doing yoga, meditating, writing, painting, enjoying music, preparing fresh healthy vegetarian meals, and much more! 


GVF is seeking funding for volunteer sources include endowments, private donations, and hosting guests. so we can help guild, advice, giving ideas, and creativity to those who are “Deep thinkers,” individual, and intellectual. We honor volunteers and donors by hosting, training, creating, and setting up international programs. Our founder will help train those who would like to dedicate their love and energy to becoming philanthropic and humanitarian relief services for humanity while leaving a legacy in life. Service, Learning, and Understanding are our values.



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